NCWC Coaches

Chris Schrauwen

Chris Schrauwen is the current head coach at the NCWC. He began his wrestling career back in 2003, competing for the NCWC as well as Colonel By's high school team. After graduating from Colonel By in 2005, Chris coached his former high school team while pursuing a degree in engineering at Carleton University. He found he had a passion for coaching wrestling, and that became his focus post-high school.

After several years of running Colonel By's high school program and coaching at the NCWC, Chris took over as the club's head coach in 2012. Chris is fully certified, and regularly coaches at provincial and national-level tournaments. He prides himself on being a strategist, enjoying the challenge of analyzing wrestlers and creating game plans. He also has ambitious goals to help the sport of wrestling grow in the Ottawa area.

Chris currently works as a corrosion engineer, primarily dealing with watermains and fuel lines. He also boasts a modelling career as the poster boy for Carleton Engineering, and a move of his own invention, named after the shawarma.

Dean Sherratt

Dean Sherratt has participated in the National Capital Wrestling Club since 2002 and served as the club president for over a decade, where he ensured that the club ran well and fulfilled its mandate to encourage the development of the sport of amateur wrestling in Ottawa-Carleton. Prior to joining the club Dean also ran the Boston Union Wrestling Club from 1997-2002. He is a lawyer and foreign service officer at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).

Dean has recently taken a step back from running things at the NCWC, but remains passionate about seeing individuals and the community develop in a positive way through the club.

Sarah Stringer

Sarah Stringer started wrestling with Colonel By High School in 2004, and has been with the NCWC since 2005. After graduating high school in 2008, she spent several years coaching the Colonel By and Canterbury High School teams as well as at the NCWC, while attending Carleton University. She transferred to the University of Guelph for her last two years of school, competing for the Guelph team from 2013-2015, and completing a psychology degree.

After graduating from Guelph, Sarah returned to Ottawa and resumed coaching at the NCWC. She also created and maintains this website, so most of what's on here is her fault.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith wrestled for the NCWC and St. Pius High School, and then for Western University before returning to Ottawa to begin coaching the NCWC in 2000. He is the technical director of the club and our most senior coach. In his professional capacity as a lawyer, he has also worked as an athlete’s representative at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Dante Veccio

Dante Vecchio’s wrestling career started when he was in grade 9, when a dedicated coach by the name of Tom Mastantuono started a wrestling program in Dante’s first year of high school. In 1985, he became a founding member of the Kingston and Area Wrestling club. In 1987, Dante was part of another program started by Tom where he and several wrestlers would take what they learned from the club and teach at elementary schools in Kingston. One of those schools is where two-time Olympian Paul Ragusa was first discovered.

After graduating from Computer Engineering, Dante moved to Ottawa for work. He put wrestling on hold until his son Matthew showed an interest. Since then, he's been part of the National Capital Wrestling Club.

Phil Staniewski

Phil has been involved, both as a competitor and coach, in freestyle wrestling and submission grappling for over ten years. Phil was a member of the UofT wrestling team, and has helped with conditioning training while coaching at the Matmen Wrestling Club in Mississauga. He currently attends Saturday practices at the NCWC, where he helps train athletes and run cardio sessions.