How to Join the NCWC

Step 1: Come to practice, introduce yourself, try out wrestling

Attend whatever practice works for you; you can try it out two or three times to see if you're interested before committing to a membership. New wrestlers are welcome at any time, though since we occasionally have to move or cancel practices, it's a good idea to let us know you're coming through the Contact Us page to make sure you don't show up when we're not there. For the 2017/2018 season, options for practices to attend are:

Sunday: 1:45 PM-3:45 PM (youth and open) - École élémentaire et secondaire publique Maurice-Lapointe
Monday: 6 PM-8 PM (open) - St. Patrick's High School
Tuesday: 6 PM-7:00 PM (youth) - St. Patrick's High School
Wednesday: 6 PM-8 PM (open) - St. Patrick's High School
Saturday: 9 AM-10 AM (youth), 10 AM-12 PM (open) - St. Patrick's High School

The youth practices are for kids aged approximately ten and under (with some exceptions, as smaller middle school students may feel more comfortable in the youth practices at first). Wrestlers of any age, including those young enough for the youth practices, are also welcome to participate in the open practices. All practices are included in the one price.

Come to practice in gym clothes and either wrestling shoes or clean running shoes. The only piece of equipment we require you to own is a pair of wrestling shoes, but you can borrow a pair from us or wear your running shoes for your first few practices. After that, you can buy wrestling shoes from us or online. We also sell knee pads and headgear, which are optional.

Step 2: Register with the OAWA

For insurance purposes, all NCWC wrestlers are required to be OAWA members. You can sign up for the OAWA here - click "individual registration" (top right), then click "register with a club", choose the NCWC as your club name, and fill in your personal information. The OAWA fee is $55 for any wrestler in grade four or younger, and $65 for everyone else.

Step 3: Register with the NCWC

Registering with the National Capital Wrestling Club requires filling out our registration form, giving us proof of age, and paying the membership fee. Our registration form can be downloaded here; print it out, fill out your information, and bring it to practice along with payment and proof of age.

Proof of age should come in the form of a photocopy of any identification that states the wrestler's birthday: health cards, passports, birth certificates, and driver's licences all work.

Our membership fee for twelve months is $250 for the first wrestler in a family ($315 total, including the OAWA fee), and $125 for each subsequent wrestler ($190 total, with the OAWA fee). We also offer $75 memberships that last for three months ($140 total, with the OAWA fee). If you purchase a three-month membership, you can upgrade to a twelve-month membership at any time by paying the difference ($175).

We are committed to making the sport of amateur wrestling accessible to families of all incomes and not turning away any potential wrestler due to financial issues. Please feel free to send us an e-mail or talk to the coaches in person if our fees are a problem for you.