The National Capital Wrestling Club (NCWC) is a volunteer coached and run amateur wrestling club that provides training and development opportunities for male and female wrestlers of all ages in the National Capital Region. Our doors are open to all wrestlers or aspiring wrestlers across Eastern Ontario.

Please use this site to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch through the Contact Us page if you're interested in becoming part of our community.

Training Information for Fall 2021

As of September 2021, we are ready to announce a conditional post-COVID re-opening and registration. We will charge $175 ($150 NCWC registration + $25 OAWA fees) for access to all our practices until December 31st, 2021. If you have paid for any of our previous summer training and are already registered with the OAWA, you do not have to pay the OAWA fee again and therefore fees will only be $150.

Our updated schedule until the end of this calendar years will be as follows:

Tuesday – Youth Practice – 1484 Scott Street – 6 PM to 7 PM

Tuesday – Advanced/Senior Training – 1484 Scott Street – 8 PM to 10 PM

Thursday – Open Practice – 1484 Scott Street – 6 PM to 8 PM

Saturday – Youth Practice – 1484 Scott Street – 9 AM to 10 AM

Saturday – Open Practice – 1484 Scott St – 10 AM to 12 PM

Sunday – High School Development/Advanced Practice – 1484 Scott St – 11 AM to 1 PM

We may add/or modify the schedule as more venue options become available, but we are confident we can keep up this level of training until the new year.

As with all other non-essential businesses that are running indoors, there are requirements for COVID protocols moving forward, as required by the government of Ontario. Proof of vaccination will be required for the following groups during our indoor training sessions:

1. All individuals aged 18 and above who are actively engaged in the training.

2. All other attendees (e.g. spectators) aged 12 and above who enter the facility.

The NCWC's 2021 registration form can be downloaded here. Further information about COVID protocols can be found in this document.

Coaches and volunteers at the NCWC are committed to offering a safe and fun training environment for all of our members, and do not control government regulations. Our passion is for the sport of wrestling and we are doing our best to operate through this pandemic.

Documentary Series Features Gabrielle Chartrand

Vs: Women in Combat Sports is a documentary series that follows women in Canada's National Capital Region who practice martial arts and other combat sports. In early 2020, they filmed the NCWC's Gabrielle Chartrand. This was meant to lead up to her trip to the 2020 Cadet National Championships, but COVID-19 shut everything down and the tournament never took place. However, they still created this beautiful look at what wrestling with the NCWC has been like for one person.

Gaby Chartrand has been with the NCWC for three years, and she is an excellent ambassador the for the club. This is partly because of her fantastic record as a competitor - a silver medal at the 2019 Cadet National Championships, and a gold medal in her own age group plus a silver medal in the higher age group at the 2020 Provincial Championships - but it is also about the way she embodies the NCWC's values. She is dedicated, eager to learn, and willing to persevere through any obstacles. She is a good friend to her teammates and a pleasure to coach. In this video she talks about all the ways the NCWC has made her life better; anyone who works with her would agree that her presence has made the NCWC better as well.

We are happy that Gaby got this opportunity to share her story, and we hope it can inspire other girls (and boys!) to find the same positive path in wrestling.

Lifetime Award for Dean Sherratt

The Ottawa Sports Awards have recognized the NCWC's Dean Sherratt with a Lifetime Award in the Volunteer/Administrator category. Dean first came to the NCWC back in 2000, and the club has never been the same since then. Dean Sherratt has been a club president, treasurer, welcomer of new athletes, provider of affordable shoes and other equipment for our team and others, administrator, negotiator, peacemaker, liaison, and relentless advocate for the sport of wrestling and making it accessible to as many people as possible. To many people from all over the Ottawa wrestling community, he has also been a friend.

Many people who are now leaders within Ottawa wrestling, and many people who started their careers in Ottawa and have since gone on to wrestle elsewhere, owe their involvement in the sport to Dean. This is partly because of all the people who stuck with the sport because of Dean's friendly welcome, to their initial e-mail that expressed interest in the club and then to a new athlete at their first practice. This is also because, for many years, the NCWC would not have been able to function without Dean's constant and selfless behind-the-scenes efforts.

It is well deserved that the Ottawa Sports Awards have recognized this in a Lifetime Award. Congratulations, Dean!

What the Ottawa Sports Awards have to say about Dean:

The National Capital Wrestling Club can mark its history in the pre-Dean Sherratt era and the present – such has been his impact on the club since his involvement began. As club president he has enhanced the opportunities for athletes and coaches alike, ensuring a thriving club which is open to all. Sherratt is credited with working to provide the club with facility space, equipment, and a variety of development programs. He has developed close relationships with school board officials, high school coaches and teachers throughout the city and beyond in order to grow the sport and encourage participation. He was a driving force in establishing tournaments and greater access to competition, leading to success for athletes on the provincial and national levels.

A recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his work at Foreign Affairs Canada, Sherratt takes great pride in welcoming new members to the club. More than 600 wrestlers have benefitted from his programs to distribute low-cost equipment, providing many youth an opportunity to stay in the sport. Known as a thoughtful and selfless person, a resourceful problem solver who looks for every opportunity to help, Dean Sherratt has shown incredible drive and commitment in growing the NCWC.