NCWC News, 2019/2020

Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament, December 5th and Canadian Wrestling Trials, December 5th-7th
In the first week of December, the NCWC sent a few wrestlers to Kingston for the Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament, and then continued on to St. Catherine's for a few of its older wrestlers to compete at the Canadian Wrestling Trials, which are part of what determines the 2020 Olympic team.

Bill MacLeod Memorial Tournament
Kai Harada: 3-0, gold
Laila Seed-Desai: 2-0, gold
Gabby Chartrand: 2-1, bronze

Canadian Wrestling Trials
Alex Brown: 3-0 in the preliminary rounds, 1-2 in the finals, to finish second overall
Ismail Ayyoub: 1-1
Malak Bel Maniar: 0-2
Peter Shannon: 0-1
Quebec Open, November 23rd
The NCWC sent a large group to Pierrefonds, QC for the 2019 Quebec Open. Some athletes who competed were as young as six, and others as old as nineteen.

Samey Al Beajan: 5-0, gold
Ismail Ayyoub: 2-0, gold
Lina Bel Maniar: 2-0, gold
Kristina Robinson: 1-0, gold
Cameron Snyder: 2-0, gold
Lochlan Slack: 3-0, gold
Olivier Maximus Najah: 2-0, gold
Isabel Kleinbub: 2-0, gold
Mika Smith: 2-0, gold
Grace Postma: 0-0, gold (no girls here age and size)
Kai Harada: 2-2, silver
Titus Diceman: 2-1, silver
Nada Bel Maniar: 1-1, silver
Kathryn Robinson: 1-1, silver
Adnan Al Meqdad: 1-1, silver
Sebastien Partington: 1-1, silver
Gabby Chartrand: 3-1, silver
Gillian Diceman: 0-2, silver
James Postma: 0-2, silver
Jaxon Postma: 0-2, silver
Braddock Slack: 3-2, bronze
Mohammed Benismail: 1-2, bronze
Toma Harada: 0-2, bronze
Alvan Akin: 0-2, bronze
Thomas Zachau: 1-4
Mohammad Al Meqdad: 0-1
Maya Harada: 0-3
Allie Schonewille: 0-3
Alex Jones: 0-2
Elio Tittarelli: 0-2
NCWC youth team at the 2019 Quebec Open with youth coaches Alishah Depass and Kelsey Dayler
Team Xtreme Open, November 16th and York Open, November 17th
The NCWC/Carleton team sent a large group of wrestlers down to the GTA for a weekend to compete in a youth/high school tournament on Saturday and a university tournament on Sunday. Several high school kids competed at both tournaments, and some Carleton wrestlers who only started training when the team was formed a couple of months ago competed for the first time. It was a great experience!

Team Xtreme Tournament
Ismail Ayyoub: 3-0, gold
Kristina Robinson: 1-0, gold
Laila Seed-Desai: 1-1, silver
Gabby Chartrand: 1-1, silver
Gillian Diceman: 2-1, silver
Cameron Snyder: 2-1, silver
Titus Diceman: 1-1, silver
Kai Harada: 2-1, bronze
Sam Chenier: 1-2, bronze
Ziad Saif El Nasr: 3-1, bronze
Kathryn Robinson: 0-2, bronze
Alex Jones: 0-2, bronze
Mohammad Al Meqdad: 1-2
Duncan Shaheen: 1-2
Allie Schonewille: 0-2
Ali Haidari: 0-2

York Tournament
Malak Bel Maniar (Carleton): 3-0, gold
Ismail Ayyoub (NCWC): 2-2, sixth
Ziad Saif El Nasr (NCWC): 4-2
Kai Harada (NCWC): 1-2
Neil Balaskandarajah (Carleton): 0-2
Ben Baggs (Carleton): 0-2
Mohamed Ahmed (Carleton): 0-2
Ryerson Open, November 10th
Two wrestlers who train at NCWC as well as Carleton practices competed at the 2019 Ryerson Open.

Malak Bel Maniar (Carleton): 2-1, gold
Peter Shannon (Carleton): 2-1
McMaster Invitational, November 3rd
The NCWC/Carleton team had a dominant performance at the McMaster Invitational, with three of its five athletes defeating all their opponents from other teams (Alex Brown and Ziad Saif El Nasr beat everyone, while Ismail Ayyoub lost only to his teammate Alex). Congratulations to everyone who competed!

Alex Brown (Carleton): 4-0, gold
Ziad Saif El Nasr (NCWC): 3-0, gold
Ismail Ayyoub (NCWC): 5-1, bronze
Peter Shannon (Carleton): 2-2
Neil Balaskandarajah (Carleton): 0-2

Concordia Invitational, October 27th

The 2019 Concordia Invitational marked the competitive debut of the newly formed Carleton University Wrestling team. Carleton wrestlers train at the NCWC in addition to their own practices on the Carleton campus, and the combined Carleton/NCWC team sent seven athletes to the first tournament of the new season. We are excited to build this new team in Ottawa! Congratulations especially to Malak Bel Maniar, who won the Carleton Wrestling Team's first ever gold medal (about an hour before Alex Brown won its second, by defeating the NCWC's Ismail Ayyoub in the finals).

Alex Brown (Carleton): 3-0, gold

Malak Bel Maniar (Carleton): 1-0, gold

Ismail Ayyoub (NCWC): 2-1, silver

Wassim Ghadban (Carleton): 2-2

Kai Harada (NCWC): 0-2

Mohamed Benismail (Carleton): 0-2

Mohamed Ahmed (Carleton): 0-2

Welcome to the new season!

The NCWC is going into the 2019/2020 season with a lot of momentum from last year. Over the summer we were proud to become a recipient of the Canada Post Community Foundation Grant, for the purchase of new equipment along with the space for a new high performance program. Thank you to Canada Post for supporting local athletes and allowing us to expand our programming in the next year!

NCWC coaches and athletes, along with representatives from Canada Post, receiving the cheque for the Community Foundation Grant, September 2019

The NCWC had a record-breaking year in 2018/2019. In April, we hosted a very successful Youth Wrestling Festival for wrestlers aged 13 and under from across Ontario. In February, the team collectively came first in the girls' division and second in the boys' division at the Juvenile Provincial Championships. In June, NCWC wrestler Ismail Ayyoub won a gold medal and the Golden Boot for the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the Pan-American Championships in Morelia, Mexico. We had national medalists at the cadet, juvenile, and senior age groups, as well as strong performances from younger wrestlers at Canada East.

NCWC wrestler Ismail Ayyoub with his Pan-American gold medal and Outstanding Wrestler trophy, June 2019

Coaches Chris Schrauwen and Sarah Stringer with the plaques for first place in the girls' division and second place in the boys' division at the Juvenile Provincial Championships, February 2019

2016 Olympic Champion and NCWC alumna Erica Weibe addresses athletes from ages 7 to 13 who competed at the Ontario Youth Wrestling Festival, held at the Earl Armstrong Arena in Ottawa, April 2019